Visitors Welcome!
For your convenience, Nursery is provided for babies under 2 years old, Toddler Room for
 children 2 years to 3 years old, and Children’s Church is for children 4 years old to 3rd grade.                    In 11 am worship
Service times:
10:00 am Sunday School
11:00 am & 6pm Worship
6:30 pm Youth Service
6:30 pm Adult Service
Subligna Baptist Church was established on October 15, 1903, with Bro. B.F. Hunt as the first pastor of the church. Our church has undergone many changes through the years.
The church was remodeled in 1939. Sunday School rooms were built in 1948. In June 1968, the church built a pastorium. In March 1973, tradgedy struck when a tornado destroyed the church building and damaged the pastorium. The church was rebuilt with the help o determined members, the community and area churches. In January 1987, the church fellowship hall was completed.
On October 15 1993, we celebrated our 90th birthday. The celebration began with the burning of the church note, by “Uncle Tom White”. In the summer and fall of 2002 the church sanctuary was remodled. In summer 2003 the church steeple was replaced.
Over the past 100 years the church has had 34 different pastors. Presently, we are enjoying the beautiful sanctuary and fellowship hall. We are doing this with memories of the early saints of God that have already gone home to be with the Lord. 
May our church motto always be
“The End of Your Search for a Friendly Church.”