Sunday School Starts at 10am and everyone is welcome.
We have classes to fit your entire family.
Director: Jason Whitfield
Nursery: McKenzie Hughes, Lisa Wilder
Pre-K: John & Sarah Dawson
Kindergarten & 1st Grade: Lisa Duke, Samantha Stephens
2nd & 3rd Grade: Melissa Hughes
4th & 5th Grade: Beverly Bishop
6th & 7th Grade: 
8th & 9th Grade: Steven & Leah McCullough
10th – 12th Grade: Josh & Brandi James
Young Adults: John Coonley
Apologetics: Jimmy Wilder
Young Couples: Phillip & Becky Lawrence
Adults 49 & Below: Clint Hunter, Bengi Price
Adults 50 & Above: Mark Scoggins, Jim Dixon
Ladies: June Park, Brenda Park, Odell Anderson
Mens: Chuck Moore
Senior Adults: Joe Stephens